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     What is palliative care and what does it mean to our pastoral carers?
When our loved ones are reaching the end of their lives, the number of things to consider is almost overwhelming. While it’s important to be prepared, you cannot account for everything during this tough and difficult time in your life. That is where palliative care pastoral practitioners can and will help you be as prepared and in control as possible.
With a longstanding history of excellence in palliative care, St Vincent’s provides compassionate care that considers your loved one, and the needs of your family.
Recently we asked some of our dedicated Pastoral Care practitioners around Australia why palliative care is so important to them.
St Vincent’s Care Services Heathcote
Palliative care is important to me, because is the opportunity to be with people suffering in the last days of life and with the grace of our Lord allow us to be inspire in the challenge time to our dear clients and comfort the family and friends.
Andres Figueredo
Pastoral Care Practitioner
St Vincent’s Care Services Heathcote
St Vincent’s Care Services Maroochydore
Palliation only happens once. It’s not like a birthday or Christmas which comes around every year and where you can strive to improve on last year’s efforts. It’s a once-in-a- lifetime occurrence and therefor carries a sacredness that can never be repeated. We as staff
should be well-equipped for this sacred time of farewells; farewell to loved ones, to life, to health, wealth and everything that is familiar. Palliative care is the last care a person will receive on this earth. We must make it count and get it right the first time. Every time!
Elani Maritz
Pastoral Care Practitioner
St Vincent’s Care Services Maroochydore
NSW Pastoral Care Team
I think as human beings we struggle to face suffering. Having a focus on palliative care gives all of us the opportunity to face up to what will be inevitable and therefore allows the person who is palliating not to suffer alone, but to have those around them offer the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual support they need, so that any unnecessary further suffering can be alleviated.
Maree Ataya
NSW Pastoral Care Coordinator
St Vincent’s Care Services Carseldine
I believe that Palliative care is a caring and compassionate way to extend respect and dignity to every person (no matter what background they come from) who is at the end stage of their lives. It is offering an opportunity for the person to enjoy some quality of life with emotional and spiritual support while ensuring suffering is minimized.
I believe it is a noble way to enjoy life in its fullest even amidst the prospect of dying.
I wish you an excellent day. Take care and go gently now and always.
Joseph Abad
Pastoral Care Coordinator
St Vincent’s Care Services Carseldine
     You can hear the passion in the words of our pastoral carers for those in their time of need. Your support assists our staff in continuing to deliver this vital work.
 Caring & Sharing - Issue 2 | 2023

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