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     Your support assists the education of our staff
The purpose of the St Vincent’s Foundation Queensland is to support all our staff so they may continue to provide the care and compassion we are known for.
The best way to continue that legacy is to ensure continued education of our staff, so they can be aware of industry best practice and continue to provide the highest level of care.
That is why we had the pleasure in recently awarding 25 scholarships named in Elizabeth Fraser’s honour.
Elizabeth Fraser was a person with much love and appreciation of the work that our staff do every day. She had a long association with St Vincent’s including she and her late husband being patients of St Vincent’s and eventually residents in St Vincent’s Care, witnessing the care and compassion given daily she left a bequest that helped form our Foundation.
The scholarships were offered to staff from all areas provided the outcome of the education was the improvement of patient or resident care. It was important to the Foundation that regardless of what area they worked in, staff had an opportunity to apply. Nurses, food services workers, office workers and allied health staff applied, and 25 applications were granted. I would like to tell you about one of those applications.
Jacoba Reimert from St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba works in the Allied Health team as a physiotherapist. She identified that most of her team required training to practise independently in the Intensive Care Unit. The training required is a Management of the Critical Care Patient course provided by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. But with 12 staff needing to attend, the cost and logistics to make that happen was prohibitive.
Jacoba thought outside of the box and so to say, rather than “going to the mountain”, she suggested “bringing the mountain” to Toowoomba. Jacoba applied for funding to cover flights and accommodation for the trainers to deliver the course locally. Obviously, this was a much cheaper alternative that will provide a positive outcome to the team and to the hospital.
This is the type of application we had the pleasure of approving.
Now the sustainability of physiotherapy services in Toowoomba is strengthened by increasing the number of physiotherapists competent to practise independently in ICU, by standardising high-quality care.
Patients will experience improved quality of life and physical function, a reduction in hospital-acquired complications such as pneumonia and ventilator-required days, and overall improved safety and health outcomes.
Considering the critical demand for ICU beds within the region, and the correlation between physiotherapy intervention and reduced ICU, and hospital length of stay, the financial benefits to the hospital and the broader Darling Downs community
are significant.
Equipment, research, and education are important to the future of St Vincent’s in Queensland. Your support enables us to continue funding great ideas just like this which will benefit our patients and residents.
 Caring & Sharing - Issue 2 | 2023

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